Hasmik Sahakyan
Executive Director

"International Accountancy Training Centre" Educational Fund was established in Yerevan in 1998 with funding supplied under the European Union's 'Tacis' aid program.

The founder of "IATC" Fund is IFOA the Business Training and Consultancy organization of the Chambers of Commerce of Emilia Romagna region in Italy. The Centre was initiated by a consortium of organizations (including London Business School (LBS) and the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW)).

Presently, the Centre trains highly qualified specialists in Accountancy, Audit and Financial Management standing for the contemporary conceptions of Financial Accounting. This conception finds its reflection in training courses of the Centre, which can be counted for more than 15. These courses make the core of our training potential and activities.

The scientific-educational activity of the Centre is defined by its teaching staff - specialists on Accounting, Finance and Audit. The teaching staff also determines the quality and the content of the training process: our trainers create teaching manuals, textbooks, design new training courses, participate in translating and publishing textbooks.

The training process of the Centre is presented by the system of syllabuses for: long-term, mid-term, short-term, distance learning courses and seminars. The leading role of this system plays the Master course on "Accounting and Audit". We constantly design and develop new and innovative training products.

Today we can confidently say that no organization, no entrepreneur or banker, insurer, manager, even director of a company can do without a qualified and high-skilled Accountant and/or Finance specialist. Many Armenian entities choose IATC as the best provider of specialists in Accountancy and Finance. The leading companies of Armenia recruite our students.

About 300 students are trained in the Centre every year. They are people who would like to gain contemporary knowledge in the field of accounting and related subjects, obtain a new profession of an accountant, or get prepared for the qualification exams. In any case, we do our best to deliver qualified training. 

With the support of the local and International Donor organizations (WB, SDC, IIZ-DVV, OSI AF Armenia, European Union, Armenian Red Cross Society, SME DNC) IATC runs various projects and short and mid -term training courses directed to different target groups, such as unemployed women, refugees, SMEs, throughout Armenia.

Recently we enlarged our scope of interests towards to the research in business and educational spheres.

Now we can confidently say that if you want to be flexible and qualified professional, choose IATC as your life-long training provider. 

Best wishes,
Hasmik Sahakyan

Executive Director