According to the RA Law on accounting IFRS is the main principle for financial accounting. This course will give all relevant information concerning the IFRS implementation.

The trainer

Mr. Avetiq Movsisyan is delivering training at IATC Fund since 2000. He has more than 20 years progressive experience of training delivery in accounting standards and Chart of Accounts for Beginners, Practicing Accountants, IATC Master Course students. He is well informed about the accounting field specifics for both financial and non-financial sectors. In 2009 he was invited from the Ministry of Finance of the RA as an expert for the IFRS official translation review committee. Since 2004 he is a licensed accountant.

Course details:

Start of the course:††††††††upon request
Time: †††††††††††††††††††††††††††† †18:30 - 21:30
Breaks: †††††††††††††††††††††††† †15 minutes
Course duration: †††††††††††60 hours
Course fee: ††††††††††††††††††150 000 AMD

Course Syllabus

  1. Framework; IAS-1 Financial Statements
  2. IAS-8 Accounting policies, estimates and errors
  3. IAS-10 Events after the reporting date
  4. IAS-2 Inventories
  5. IAS-16 Property, plant, equipment
  6. IAS-38 Intangible assets
  7. IAS-40 Investment property
  8. IFRS-15 Revenue
  9. IAS-23 Borrowing cost
  10. IFRS-13 Fair value
  11. IFRS-5 Discontinuing operations and assets
  12. IFRS-16 Leases
  13. IAS-20 Government Grants
  14. IAS-41 Agriculture
  15. IFRS-6 Exploration and evaluation of miner resources
  16. IAS-27; IAS-28; IFRS-3; IFRS-10; IFRS-11 Business Combinations
  17. IAS-24 Related Parties disclosure
  18. IAS-37 Provisions and contingences
  19. IAS-21 Changes in exchange rates
  20. IAS-12 Income tax
  21. IAS-7 Statement of cash flows
  22. IAS-34 Interim Financial Statements
  23. IAS-32; IFRS-9 Financial instruments
  24. IFRS-2 Share based payments
  25. IAS-33 Earnings per share
  26. IAS-19 Employee Benefits
  27. IAS-36 Impairment of assets
  28. IFRS-8 Operating Segments
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For the Armenian version of the IFRS course and trainerís short bio please find attached documents.

IFRS course lecturer (download)
IFRS course information in Armenian (download)