Internship Programs for Young Specialists

Project title: Internship Programs for Young Specialists
Funding Agency: State Employment Agency
Contractor: "International Accountancy Training Centre" Educational Fund
Target Group: Young specialists and university graduates
Project Duration: January 2013 up to now

Project Description

An intensive internship program for young specialists and fresh graduates from various universities and institutions was launched in 2013 in collaboration with the State Employment Agency of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs of Armenia. We aim to help the interns gain relevant work experience, become more competetive in the labor market and get a proper job in the nearest future via our internship program.

We enhance opportunities for young specialists with no prior work experience to step into the labor market for the first time. In the scope of our internship program many young specialists complete their internship in our Centre, and engage in their chosen occupational field of labor practices acquiring hands-on experience, new skills and competence on Accountancy and Business Administration.

The interns come from Armenian State University of Economics, National Polytechnic University of Armenia, Armenian National Agrarian University, Russian State University of Tourism and Services Studies, Armenian Open University, Haybusak University, Russian University of Economics after Plekhanov, as well as ''Huso Aygi'' Young Women Charitable Foundation and Save the Children organization.