Management Training Course for SMEs

Project title:
"Management Training Course for SMEs"
Funding Source:
Contractor: THALES Engineering & Consulting
Target Group:
Managers of the Armenian SME's
Project Duration:
April 23, 2001 - June 7, 2001

Project description


To increase the number of Armenian managers in small and medium size enterprises and business entities equipped with contemporary managerial skills and expertise to compete in post-privatization market economy. The 40 hours course was covering subjects like: Marketing Strategies, Legal Environment, Tax Environment, Financial Management.

Major outputs

  •  103 managers from 59 Small and Medium Size Enterprises trained in total of 160 hours,

  •  Good understanding of the role of business entity in market economy and its development opportunities - delivered,

  •  Ability to understand and apply methods of financial management in both operational and strategic decisions - delivered,

  •  Interactive training, group works, case studies and discussions in specific business related areas - delivered,

  •  Package of the Training materials, including some new training materials developed and provided,

  •  Application of contemporary methods and techniques during the training process - delivered.

Furthermore, the present project gave an incentive to include the above courses into our regular Syllabus and to offer them to the wide range of managers involved in business activity in Armenia also after completion of the project.

103 participants received their Certificates on Completion and Official Closing Ceremony was held in the Yerevan Chamber Music Hall on June 27, 2001.

List of Companies participated