Support to Refugees through Professional Training

Project title:
"Support to Refugees through Professional Training"
Funding Agency: World Bank Yerevan Office and OSI Assistance Foundation
Assisted by: Armenian Refugees Supporting League
Target Group:
Refugees from Yerevan and Neighboring regions
Project Duration:
1 May - 30 November, 2003

Introduction to the project

The target group of this project is one of the most isolated and vulnerable groups of Armenian society, refugees. The project is designed to provide participants with professional education in accounting, taxation and computer skills. The project will enable participants to be ready for the job market. One of the objectives of the project is to try to reduce the unemployment rate and migration intentions in Armenia. The project also aims to smoothen the integration process of refugees to the social life of the Republic of Armenia by organizing classes in Armenian and English languages.

Nowadays, accounting is one of the professions which are widely demanded in Armenian developing economy. Besides that it is one of the professions, which never looses its actuality. The knowledge in areas of accountancy, economics, taxation and computer science will open wide rage of possibilities for refugees. We believe that through this project participants will be able to find a solution to one of the most important social-economic problems for our society - unemployment.

Short information about refugees in Armenia

According to the latest data there are 310,000 refugees living in Armenia. The migration rate is two-three times higher among refugees and earthquake-displaced local population compared to the rest of the population due to a social-economic hardship, absence of permanent residence and serious difficulties in finding jobs.

The coefficient of the internal job market integration for refugees compared to that of the local population is 0.67 for 50-59 years olds and is 0.78 for 25-39 years olds. There are 1.7 times less employers among refugees and three times less workers with permanent job. During the last six years cases of loss of business were 1.4 times higher among refugees than among local residents.

The real level of unemployment among refugees is 1.5 times higher than that of locals. During structural reforms of economy (from 1993 till 1999) 15.6% of refugees and 14.8% of locals were permanently pushed out from the job market. In terms of unemployment the most vulnerable group of people in Armenia is youth between age of 16 and 25 for both refugee and local populations.

Taking into account the social-economic situation of refugees in Armenia and above - mentioned statistics we can conclude that professional training provided by the project will be a real step towards reduction in unemployment and migration.

The realization methods of the main objectives of the project

‘IATC’ Fund recognizes that the role of public institutions is evident in building a democratic society. Being a non-governmental organization, IATC is aiming to address the problems emerging during the transition period for various groups of society through supporting them by providing with knowledge and practical tools for functioning in new social-economic environment of Armenia.

As one of this groups in our society, who needs immediate support actions, we recognize refugees. The projects will be run by the consortium of 2 NGO's - IATC Fund and Armenian Refugees Supporting League.

Professional training will be provided to refuges living in refugee-like circumstances in and around Yerevan as well as to the accountants of NGOs, which deal with problems of refuges. After completion of the classes participants will be assisted in jobs placements. "Unilend" Employment Agency readily agreed to help with this initiation. Besides, two workshops on "How to apply for jobs" will be organized for the participants of the project, which will enhance them with additional skills on job hunting.

The proposed number of participants is 60 refugees from Yerevan and Neighboring regions, seeking for a new qualification an employment. The selection of the participants will be carried out with an assistance of

The project start day is May 1, 2003.


Bilateral partnership agreement was signed between "IATC" Educational Fund and Armenian Refugees Supporting League Public Organization. The project will be run by consortium (union) of these two organizations.

In particular it is expected that other NGOs will also participate in the project by choosing program participants, monitoring the project and producing a report by the completion of the project.

Major outputs resulting from implementation of this project:  

About 60 refugees will be trained in total of 240 hours though intensive training program, which will help them to start up new professional career.

It is expected that the project will
a. Foster integration of the refugees into the economic process of our society.

b. Assist in adaptation of refugees into existing social- psychological environment.

c. Give a real possibility to participants to land on a job.

d. Reduce migration moods among refugees.

3. Partnership development and networking among NGOs.

In addition, the participants will be provided with:

  - Practical tools for good understanding of their opportunities in changing economic and legal environment,

 - Additional skills to get oriented in Employer – Employee relations,

 - Competitiveness in employment market,

 - Support for further employment from Republican Employment Service, coordinated by “IATC” Fund.  

Brief Description of the Training Course

The training course will be conducted according to the following program:

1. Financial Accounting Framework,

2. Chart of Accounts of the RA & Main Accounting Standards,

3. Applied Accounting,

4. Tax System of RA,
5. Business Law & Contractual Issues,

6. Computer Skills,

7. English Language training,

8. Armenian language training,

9. How to apply for a job.