Women Empowerment through Professional Training

Project title:
"Women Empowerment through Professional Training"
Funding Agency: Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation
Assisted by: Armenian Young Women Association (AYWA)
Target Group:
Unemployed women from Yerevan and neighboring regions
Project Duration:
April 15, 2013 – October 15, 2013

1. Project Objectives

The purpose of the project is to contribute to the enhancement of the women’s role in the society, through delivery of contemporary professional knowledge and assistance in further successful employment.

2. Actual Results

2.1 48 unemployed women in total of 157.5 hours - trained;
2.2 Transfer of Sound knowledge on Modern Accountancy to 48 start-up accountants - delivered;
2.3 Individual meetings with a psychologist – conducted.
2.4 Interactive training, group works, case studies and discussions - delivered;
2.5 Package of the Training materials, including some new training materials provided;
2.6 Application of contemporary methods and techniques during the training process - delivered;
2.7 157.5 hours of Professional Training per participant, including:

  • Financial Accounting /42 hours/
  • Chart of Accounts and Main Accounting Standards /15 hours/
  • Applied Accounting /12 hours/
  • Tax System /24 hours/
  • Business Law and Contracts /15 hours/
  • Computer skills /12 hours/
  • Armenian Software /22.5 hours/
  • How to apply for a job /12 hours/
  • Psychological Training /3 hours/ - delivered.
2.8 Official Closing Ceremony for all participants and stakeholders – organized,
2.9 5 Syrian – Armenian women selected and trained.
2.10 48 participants have been awarded with a certificates on October 30, 2013,
2.11 7 work placements - realized.

3. Start of the Project

This project has been organized in collaboration with the ‘Gorts Bolorin’ Private Employment Agency and Armenian Young Women Association (AYWA).At the inception phase the selection of potential candidates was the most critical aspect. The Application form with clear selection criteria for the potential candidates has been developed and delivered. More than 75 application forms had been received. For the selection of finalist a working group had been formed. Out of 75 applications 56 have been selected and 2 groups were formed. 6 trainers were involved in the training process. All of them have strong educational background, professional and training experience.

4. Evaluation and Feedback

For the purpose overall quality control, regular meetings have been conducted with the participants and a feed-back questionnaire has been designed. The anonymous questionnaire has covered the following: course subjects, structure, complexity, overall satisfaction, employment issues, etc.

Summarizing the survey results we can admit the following:

- About 80% of the participants have Higher Education;
- 20 % has Middle Professional Education;
- 90 % has a previous work experience;
- 10 % has NO work experience;
- 12.5 % were Syrian – Armenians;
- 85 % of the participants consider that meeting with a psychologist was an important part of the training program;
- 77.5 % would advice to their friends and relatives to participate in this type of program, if there will be such kind of opportunity;
- 15 % are currently employed;
- 100 % are hoping to have a job after the project.

5. Participants’ Work Placements

As one of the key success factor of the project it was suggested in the proposal to organize the work placement for at least 3-5 particiaopnts of the training course. The ‘Gorts Bolorin’ Employment Agency has a crucial role in the project to help participants in their work placements. They have also received hands-on techniques in finding a job opportunities through the ‘How to apply for a job’ module.

7 participants of the project have found a relevant work placement. The majority works in private sector, with an average remuneration of 61 000 AMD.

6. End of the Project and Award Ceremony

At the completion of the training courses the 48 participants have been provided with certificates, certifying their participation and successful completion, signed by SDC and IATC Fund representatives. The Official Award Ceremony took place at IATC Fund premises on 30th of October, 2013. A special film is produced to illustrate the project life and activities, several e-articles also were published illustrating project life in local newspapers.