Date: April 28, 2000.

This seminar was held by "IATC" Fund, regarding the first steps of insurance system formation in Armenia and investigations of insurance structure and activities system in advanced western countries.
The German insurance industry is the largest one in Europe. We will first present its basic structure and influence on the economy. We will then review two lines of business in more detail: Life insurance which is the most important line for most insurance companies in Germany; and car insurance, which was recently de-regulated and provides some useful information on how to price insurance in "new" markets.

The speaker Prof. Mattias Polborn, received his Ph.D. in 1998 from the University of Munich for a thesis in insurance economics. His thesis received several awards, among them the Ernst-Meyer-Prize for the best European thesis in insurance economics from the Geneva Association for the promotion of research in insurance economics, sponsored by the largest European insurance companies. Polborn has recently joined the University of Western Ontario Canada, as assistant professor of economics.