Date: May 4, 2000.

Appliance of Information Technologies (IT) used be a problem for specialists and technical workers. But now, the situation has considerably changed for the following three reasons:

  • IT has become more directed and available for the user

  • No business activity can be run without information system support and appliance of IT substructures, especially, when considering the recent development of Internet and networks and the expected explosion of electronic commerce.

  • IT investments are becoming more and more significant for each production and the related decisions should be the concern of company owners and managers.

 The object of the seminar was to comment on the IT prospective in the area of Management, as well as brief summary of the recent developments in this field.

The seminar was delivered by Giorgio Gandelini, Italy.
Professor Gandelini is a recognized specialist of Marketing, Trade and International Business area not only in Italy.
Presently Mr.Gandelini is the Dean of the Distance Learning Master Degree in International Marketing and Sales, delivered in Italy by IFOA (in Institution owned by a network of Chambers of Commerce in Emilia Romagna region) and certified by the Wales University, UK. He teaches Strategic Marketing, International Marketing and Information Technologies for Management in Universities of Italy, sometimes of France and USA. He is the author of many books, publications and manuals.